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Junior/Medium Engineer

22 Novembre 2023

eVISO S.p.A.
    22 Novembre 2023
    Saluzzo, Italy


    eVISO was born as a company specialized in the supply of electricity and technology for large companies and small businesses, with international experience in the renewable sources sector.

    Through the use of its algorithmic services platform, based on machine learning and more widely on the use of Artificial Intelligence agents, eVISO makes its know-how available for business development in sectors where production and sales are connected to physical goods.

    Speed ​​in ancillary services, focus on Customer Experience and constant technological innovation are the tools used by eVISO to have a positive impact on the world.


    We are seeking a highly organized, detail-oriented and growth-driven engineer, preferably a Full-stack Developer to join our team at eVISO S.p.A. In this role, you'll collaborate remotely with a global team and work in a fully-immersive remote work environment with our team and in-office environment in Italy, learning our methods and maintaining technical standards. This position offers a unique chance for personal and professional growth within a financially solid company, providing direct exposure to top management and opportunities in our exciting future, if you're ready to make a significant impact and thrive in a dynamic environment.



    1. Integrate existing team and projects to develop applications or intelligence as required.

    2. Follow our methodologies and use the official tools day-to-day for both development and project and task management.

    3. Collaborate with other teams (Sales, Customer Support, Management, and Operations) in the identification of new pages/algorithms/components needed.

    4. Improvement of the existing codebase of the allocated project.


    1. Technical certificate and/or graduation.

    2. Good English level (speaking and writing).

    3. Good knowledge of Javascript (preferably typescript) OR Python.

    4. Experience with SQL and Data.

    5. Highly organized.

    6. Experience following design from concepts (wireframes, Figma, etc) or product knowledge is a plus.

    7. Aptitude for team working and goal-oriented work.

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